Hope is Eternal

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We left Villa Celia Delfina this morning to trek across the great divide of the Quimistan Valley heading for Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) to perform a one day construction project at the local school. Every year for four years, the Wilkesboro team has made this journey into the mountains to bring and share the hope of Christ because the people of Nueva Esperanza have a special place in our heart. No journey is too long… no journey is too difficult when it comes to fulfilling the commandment He gave the Disciples before His ascension. Christ said, “To share the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.” New Hope is so remote, one would think that you are close to the end of the world… 

Today was no different, after a gut wrenching two hour journey across torturous and pothole laden roads we arrived to be greeted by the children. They were lined up at the gate smiling and welcoming us to their world. Our work began in earnest when we began installing new screens on the windows of the main school building, and some of the team began to cut and build new screen frames for the lower building. Several team members kept the children entertained while playing a variety of games that included baseball, soccer, volleyball and a few made up games. The work was completed by 4 pm, we loaded back up to make the return journey home.

Once we arrived back at the compound, we cleaned up and went out to eat at the local chicken joint along with several special guests and their families. Following the meal many of the Americanas gathered to play soccer with the locals, and I tell you the truth, the girls were a lot more physical at the game than the guys. I took a cross check from a young lady that sent me into the fence… I think I have a few loose teeth now… The day went well as always. 


Making screen frames

Hunter cutting screen

Thanks to our drivers and the crew who always put our safety first, God bless all of you.