March Dental Mission Trip – Monday

What a wonderful day in Honduras! After devotions & breakfast, the team, joined by Gloria’s daughter Bessie, headed up the mountain to Los Panales where about 50 beautiful school children and several additional younger siblings met us. We began with a hygiene clinic, which went well, even though several of the children really would have liked the de-worming pill to taste a little bit better. (I probably would not have enjoyed that part either.)

DSC02997DSC03004 DSC03016 DSC03026

Dr Patty & Dr Randy then did a quick dental exam on the older children to determine which most needed dental treatment. The 11 selected will come to Quimistan tomorrow for the dental treatment.






Then came the surprise highlight of the day – all the school children sang several songs for us. What a treat! Even for some of us that don’t understand Spanish, it was wonderful!

The team, led by Anna, then held a Vacation Bible School for the children – Jesus calms the storm. Patty & Anna told the story, then the children divided into two groups. Each group made beautiful sailing ships made of corks, a paper sail, and a toothpick for the mast. The children decorated the sail with various types of stickers. They looked so great! The group that was not shipbuilding was kept busy playing with a small parachute and beach balls. The goal was to keep the beach balls on the parachute while the children were shaking the parachute to resemble a stormy sea (like the sea before Jesus calmed the waters.)

DSC03088 DSC03091DSC03089DSC03097 DSC03103

Before leaving Los Panales, we distributed dozens of handmade donated dresses to the young girls, who were thrilled!



DSC03112 DSC03113

After lunch, we unpacked the dental supplies and set up the dental clinic at the Gracias a Dios hospital. The dentists then took some time to treat the first few children.













DSC03153 DSC03159

In all, it was a super day in Honduras! GOD IS GREAT!