Medical Brigade Update

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We had the blog done last night and then we had a power failure and lost everything. We will try again this morning.
We met with Dr. Consentino early yesterday morning. He is the doctor who is pinch-hitting for Dr. Elsa during her pregnancy (no baby yet). We focused on the Community Health Care Workers being trained in La Montanita and Teo. He was very impressed with their spirit of cooperation and willingness to work together.  As you may know, the CHCW will become our first line of defense in treating medical problems in these villages. He is very enthusiastic about this effort and optimistic that it will be very successful. He will help us develop a process for identifying the specific procedures the CHCW will have to be trained in. As they progress, the doctors will  then evaluate each procedure and will certify they are now full fledged CHCW