New Mission Trip Starts March 26!

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A group of eleven will meet at 4:30 AM on March 26 for an early start on their mission trip to Quimistan, Honduras. Four will be there for what has become an annual dental treatment ministry, and the other seven will work on various projects that are emerging as the cooperating church there extends their own ministry to the neighboring communities within the Quimistan Valley area. The blog that began with the January team visit will be re-activated by the March team, so you might want to check back toward the end of this month to catch up with what’s going on down there. Jim will be the blogmeister for the team, and Tommy agreed to be the photographer who will capture the human interest photos.

When you see something on the blog that you’d like to comment on, be sure to submit that comment. The team will be blessed to know that folks back home are following their ministry with interest.