Off to a Good Start

The first half of the March 2015 dental team, including dentist Patty, her son Ben, her father Leroy, and Tommy, arrived safely at 1:15 PM Saturday. The balance of the team will arrive Tuesday.


Following lunch, we had the opportunity to take 4 of the AP kids shopping. This included Edrai and Gabriela (“Alan’s Girls”) and 2 of the new additions to the program from Pinalejo, siblings Nolvia and Maynor. Their excitement was contagious, as we got to help them pick out school supplies and shoes. They also were given some of the donated clothing we brought with us.

By the way, the installation of the new heating units we brought for the showers has just been completed (7:00 PM), so we now have our water turned back on, and warm showers are once again available.

Now it’s time to finish unpacking, settling in, and preparing for another big day tomorrow.