Rebar and Coconuts-7/15

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Hola, Greetings from Honduras, CA. We are closing out another exciting day and have some great things to report.

We begin each day with a devotional lead by one of our team members. Today, Kristen shared her favorite Psalm with the team (Ps 91) and, we discussed how important it is to know that God is caring for all of us. He is our protector, shield, and refuge during times of trouble. There are many uncertainties in life – where ever we are – and we are strengthened by knowing God promises for us. We were all encouraged by Kristen’s devotional, even as we prepared for part of the team to return home.

After breakfast, we gathered for a quick group picture then said “Vaya con Dios” to George, Jennifer, Shirley, Deirdre, and Cecelia as they departed for San Pedro Sula, and the first step in each of their travels home. We look forward to hearing updates from them as they adjust to life back home and hope they will reflect on what they saw God and the team doing here in Honduras. Maybe, they will be able to post some updates on the blog in the next few days!
Work on the Kinder Kitchen continued today with installation of additional rebar on the foundation wall. I have never handled so much rebar in my life and did not really have an appreciation for how hard this work can be. However, we continue to be encouraged by the students and are eager to see this new building completed for them to use in the near future. We are working hard and making excellent progress! We are blessed by our Honduran coworkers and the friendships we are builidng with them. We celebrated today’s success with a harvest of fresh coconut from a tree at the Kinder. Don’t you want to try this?

Karen and Kristen spent part of today unloading, sorting and taking inventory of the team materials that are on-hand and needed by the other teams working here this summer. They also had opportunity to sort through the clothing and shoes that will be distributed to families during the coming days.
Joshua told me this morning, that staying here 10 days is not really long enough to suit him. I think we all agree. We have been blessed by God to be a blessing to others. While here, away from home, we have been able to focus more of our attention on blessing others and witness the positive impact of HAF’s years of service here.

Thank You for your prayers and support of the work here.
P.S. Note: Due to slow internet connections, the pictures from this post are out of order and the posts from Tues. July 14 will be added later today.