Travel and Preparation

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Yesterday, the first contingent of this mission team, consisting of George, Dane, Roxanne, and Tommy, arrived safely in Quimstan.  (The dentists will arrive next week.)  The trip was routine, except for the friends we made along the way.  Following George’s devotion in the ATL airport, 3 or 4 people approached us, including one asking what ‘Agape’ meant, and one asking for prayer for a friend of his,  He also said, ‘I’m not into religion yet, but maybe someday.’
Then, on the plane, one of our flight attendants, ‘Mike’, said he flies often to Honduras, and that the Lord has laid on his heart to try and get all the mission teams he meets in touch with a contact person he knows from the Honduras Outreach International, so I gave him our contact information.  The HOI contact will set up a Facebook page (or something similar) so that the mission groups can interact and benefit from each other’s experience. 
Who knows what seeds we may plant on (or even on the way to) these mission trips?
Following a sumptuous lunch in San Pedro Sula (see above), we purchased Bibles at significant cost savings over the Quimistan price, and bought some blackboard paint, which we plan to start using tomorrow.
In the evening, we made up about 200 toothbrushes/ toothpaste packages in preparation for tomorrow.
We seem to be off to a good start.