Visits to SC & LM

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Yesterday (Monday) we visited 2 villages. In the morning, at the White Dove bi-lingual school in Santa Clara we were greeted with “Good morning!” from pre-K through 2nd-graders, 34 in all. Classrooms continue to be built and dedicated teachers are able to share the love of God with these young students through help from our many HAF supporters. Education is a vital step to the success of these small, impoverished communities.

In the afternoon, we drove to La Montanita, armed with Bibles, kindergarten materials and blackboard paint.  The teacher was excited to see all the new supplies.  We explained to her that these gifts were from the St. John’s Pre-school, and that they wanted to continue their support on an on-going basis.  She will let us know of specific needs.

We repainted the blackboards in 2 classrooms, doubling the size of the one in the kindergarten room.


Later, we took the Bibles and some other supplies to Reina’s home, where we enjoyed great coffee and pastries!  Dane and I kept the kids busy, while George and Roxanne talked “business” with Reina and Vilma, the local evangelism coordinator.

Back in Quimistan, we sterilized instruments and brought in tables, in preparation for the dentists’ arrival tomorrow.