We’ve Seen Jesus

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Our journey is coming to an end. Following services at the Agape Church and ice cream at Shirleys, we are in for the night and enjoying refreshing showers and conversation on the front porch. Earlier today we asked each team member to spend some time in reflection. We asked them to consider how they saw God at work in Honduras. The following words are just a few of their thoughts.

…….I saw God at work today in Suyapa and Arturo’s school in Santa Clara. I saw hope for the village because they are there to help the people. The visual image that will always stay with me is seeing the love and happiness in little children’s eyes. I saw hospitality today when Janice bought ice cream for the children who live on the highway.

…….All of the physical possessions that we gave away during the trip cannot even compare to the gift of blessings that I have received from the people of Honduras. Even more than this, the gift of Jesus Christ and His love that we have passed on will never compare to any of the physical possessions that anyone could ever give.

……..The Lord has been near to me this week with little blessings. The cool breeze in the morning and the evening, the clouds which provided cover at Copan, His hand of grace that held back the storm until the team could complete the celebration of new family homes. God our Father has enjoyed teaching me how to be more like His Son and His daughter in Christ.

………I’ve seen Jesus in the faces of the children, through the love the mission team has shared with the people and with each other, in new friends, in answered prayers, through the generosity and kindness of the local people, through the hope of the poorest of the poor, by pushing people out of their comfort zones and achieving what they set out to do.

……..I’ve seen Jesus in flowers bright and butterflies and in the sparkling of the children’s eyes. I’ve heard Jesus in fast paced tunes and clapping hands of songs and words I can’t understand. I’ve felt Jesus in handshakes and hugs- both strong and mild and in the caress of the fingers of a Honduran child. I’ve witnessed the generosity of Jesus in North Americans giving a little and getting back joy and trust and then seeing the hand of poverty turn around and give back to us. In EVERYTHING we’ve been told or shown that my Jesus has made His presence known.

……….This is a difficult question for me because I saw Him everywhere from the beautiful children with their gorgeous dark hair and sparkling eyes to the giant 300 year old Kapok trees. God surrounded us with so many opportunities for Him to work through each of us to witness and help the sadness, neglect, and cruelty here in Honduras. As we leave tomorrow, I will take this knowledge and experience to share with those at home so they may try to understand the needs of these people that can only be met through God.

………I have seen Jesus in my Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ who minister to the poor so compassionately everyday.

………Where did I see Jesus? In the morning sunrise, in the still muggy night, in the uphill climb to Pinal, in the joyous sound and wide smiles at Pinal, in hearing 1,2,3,4,5, in looking for rocks with Randell, in the laughter of good friends sharing a joke, in meals with the group, in Wilmer, in the faces of my family in photos from home, in Arturo and Suyapa, in faces covered with filth, in the outcast of society, in hugs and tears, in new and old friends, and in places like you see Christ at home.

……..I saw God work everyday on this trip. It’s amazing how our simple plans for the day can turn into a miracle for the people here. I have so many stories about the hope in people’s hearts in Honduras. We were sent here to spread the Word of Jesus, but the amazing part is that the people here are actually teaching US the “word”. Everyone is so appreciative of anything we give them, but mostly they simply enjoy our presence. The smiles of these people are strong enough to touch your heart instantly. I will always remember the children who greeted me with open arms. I WILL be back to visit Honduras in the near future. Mississippians think that they are hospitable, but they have nothing on the people of Honduras. These people trust us; they hug us. They shine with the light of the Lord. In Honduras, you are never lonely, hungry, or unhappy. They would not be like this without their trust and faith in Jesus Christ. He is among these people. This experience will stay in my heart for a lifetime.

……..In the eyes of four recently orphaned children, I saw Jesus. They are His children whom I have known and loved for several years. I could sense their pain in the loss of their mother and have love and compassion for them by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have seen Jesus in each team member as each responded to the unbelievable needs in this place. I have seen Jesus working to bring forth truth in a place of lies and deception. It is not difficult to see Jesus here. Everywhere I turn, I see Him.

We are so grateful to all of our family and friends for sharing in our journey. We have felt your prayers and have been strengthened by your daily encouragement.

To God be the glory,
“Jim” Jeff, Janice, Justin, Anne, Donna, Emory, Callie, Andrew, Randell, Cameron, Marquita, Ashlee, Avent and Jack