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26 Mayo 2015

Mayan Pit of DOOM vs. Honduras Cesspool

After watching the sun rise from the veranda above the college dorm this morning we gathered in the mess hall to chow down on some fruit and cereal. Loaded the van and truck with tools, supplies and contented souls to head out to our respective job sites. Jefe Mater, Marco, Office Donnie, Hodo and Hunterzilla returned to the villa de camino to finish installing the roof for the bathrooms. Jefe Mater started pulling the wires… let me rephrase that, he and the others held a 30 minute meeting to discuss the art of pulling wires and using his micrometer to center the light boxes to within .002 +/- .001 thousandth of an inch on center… perfection like this does not come cheap folks! Major Hodo helped me install to razor sharp tin on the roof, unfortunately his cowbell was out of tune and had to be airlifted to San Pedro Sula for repairs. After the roof was completed I went to the Luz de Valle school to start laying bricks for the Mayan Pit of DOOM. Jefe Mater, Hodo, Officer Donnie and Hunterzilla stayed behind to finish the wiring project after they finished their mandatory union café break(s) and joined us soon after.

Meanwhile… Senor Jefe Chris the Scorpion King and his Scottish kilt donning clan battled the dredded pool of cess in the school yard… Larry, Que Pasa, Madster, Wilbur, Nico and Rosie and lest we never forget to mention the india loco Hondurans consisting of the two Maynor’s and Juan Pablo Montoya. Master Jefe Daniela came by earlier in the morning to lay out the footing for the Pit of DOOM, which happened to be directly over the drain field for the latrine pit, can you say, “Gag me with a spoon”… they stabbed it with their steely knife, but they just can’t kill the beast. Some reports surfaced that there was several members of the clan that wanted to paint themselves with the blacken soil they had discovered, one person thought that had struck it rich like Jed Clampett and was planning on moving to Beverly Hills when we returned… I think they will need to visit a doctor and get a couple of shots of penicillin personally.

After Daniela returned, he saw the light of day and the err of his ways and moved the Pit of DOOM away from the pool and the team pounced at the opportunity to dig another footing, this time on dry land…  let the Mooking Feista begin! I feel as though I need to give a refresher course on the term MOOK. It is a substance that consists of multiple ingredients; course and fine aggregates, water, Portland cement and a lot of sweat… The law of the land requires that when Mook is on the ground, you must have a partner to Mook properly… our teams motto is: Two Working As a Team which meets all criteria for local, state and Federation building codes. Remember folks, Safety First! Lift and sift, time to turn before you burn, don’t let the volcano spill over until the time is right. It is a fine art that has been passed down by many generations, but it took some American ingenuity to take this time honored tradition and create a new buzz word in the land of Qumistand… The word is MOOK! And Mook we did!

With the footings dug in a cess free zone the Mook was poured and the bricks were laid in the heat of the day. My Mooking partner for the day was none other than my old friend Larry. She said it was her first time Mooking, but her rapid and swift ability to wield the trowel lead me to believe she had Mooked before… I had a moment of guilt Mooking with Larry because my long time Mooking partner B-Rad the Blog Master could not come this year. Sorry buddy, if you can’t Mook with the one you love… Mook with the one you’re with.

As the sun, that brought such hope of a new day, the sweltering heat of mid-day had begun to fade behind the tree line, the Pit of DOOM was half way complete. Tomorrow we will have our first sacrifice with Senor Jefe Chris the Scorpion King leading the service. We returned to the compound and dined on pork chops, rice and salad prepared by our beautiful cooks and hostess Sandra and Company. See you on the dark side of the moon.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle


25 Mayo 2015

First Blood

Play time is over, today we returned to work, for that is why we are here, to serve God… by serving others. The teams split into two separate groups again, Senor Jefe Chris aka the Scorpion King, and his second Lieutenant Jefe Mater lead the merry band of brave warriors into battle against a might foe…a long thin mohawked critter called paint brush and their long neck allies the paint roller. Larry and the crew will add to this post later. The rest of the team ventured back to the land of el Comino to battle a fierce grasshopper tribe known as the Stripped Stickum’ Clan; who by their nature are swift, cunning and silent…

Naturally the day began in full Honduran tradition… go to the job site and look at what materials you need… take a two hour break until the materials arrive, drink all of your water from the cooler to remain hydrated in the shade until it is all gone, kick it into high gear for an hour and then eat lunch… After lunch go back to work feeling as though you have swallowed a liter of sand and your mouth parched like the Goby desert for the rest of the day… In truth that is not exactly how it went down, but it’s really close.

Hodo played lead cowbell in preparation for his audition for Blue Oyster Cult reunion tour next year. I am telling the man has great talent… Officer Donnie drew first blood today while handling the metal studs for the roof, so he was reassigned to Hodo and assisted the youngsters Hunterzilla, Nico and Rosie in completing the screening project of the Federation outpost project / church / kindergarten. Their mission for the day was to seal up the unwanted seams and limit the kamikaze grasshoppers from infiltrating the students during their studies. Daniela and Marco Francisco began constructing and welding the metal rafters for the Banos… once they were welded into place they began to lay block and packed mook in the gaps and create a nice tight seal… There is nothing worse than being sniped by an over grow grasshopper while taking a break from the action… if you smell what the Rock is cooking…  After the screens were stapled in the team cut and installed some wooden trim to finish off the job. I will give the young lads credit, the Amish would be jealous of their craftsmanship; job well done guys!

Maynor Grande brought a young student named Ana to visit us at the job site after lunch. She goes to the university in San Pedro Sula in hopes of becoming a teacher here in Honduras someday. I would like to give a big shout out to my employer Vesco ToyotaLifts of Hickory for donating a laptop computer to her so that she can keep up with her class work.  By mid-afternoon most of the team left for a short side trip to the river Kwai for a little cooling off time; while Daniela, Marco and Hodo stayed behind to get fried, dyed and laid to the side… Our mission was to finish the roof framing in preparation for the installation of the tin sheeting first thing in the morning before the sun bears down on us and cooks us like a gringo egg… sunny side up!

The evening at the compound was spent in the company of Samuel and Roxanna as we dined on Tilapia, veggies and a couple of Jalapeno peppers for good measure. Many team members shared their experiences and interactions with the local children and people of Qumistand. Still others shared their encounters with a risen Savior and Lord with heart felt stories from their day of service. Until I am more aware and coherent of my own universe, Buenos Noches Amigos!

Marco Francisco Valle Valle

Today Jefe Mater, Senor Jefe Chris aka The Scorpion King, Wilbur, Madster, Que Pase, Larry, both Maynors  (Maynor Grande and Maynor Dos) a long with our fearless driver Pablo Francisco Valle Valle went back to the Luz de Valle School with hope of finishing the work begun Friday.

When we arrived Jefe Mater and Wilbur tackled making the electricity safer and they did an awesome job.  After a discussion with the teacher about stains and paint for the cabinet doors the rest of us jumped into sanding the trim and giving the walls a second coat of paint. The kids were peeking in as usual and we could hear them in the school yard making monkey sounds so Senor Jefe Chris had to put in his two cents of monkey noise to the delight of the children.

It was a long hot day of sanding, painting and staining. We were grateful that the Maynor’s arranged with one of the teachers to prepare us some local coffee and it was muy delicioso!  But Jefe loco monkey Chris the Scorpion King says it is muy braino! This is his Wilkes county version of very good in Spanish!

Before we headed back to the compound we took a side trip to a nearby river where some took a quick swim and all of us enjoyed some fellowship. We finished off the night with a wonderful meal prepared by Sandra and her wonderfully awesome kitchen crew!

Larry, Madster y Que Pasa




24 Mayo 2015

Expedition de Rio Alph

The light of a new day has crested… the mountain tops glistened… the birds sing praises for the illumination of the Qumistand valley… the team was snuggly tucked into their beds, with the dreams of finding the sacred river flowing through their heads…  Not a creature was stirring not even a scorpion, for he knew his days was numbered, te mato by the shoe…  I arose from the clamor when I heard the splatter, the screams the chatter, I exclaimed! Amigos, what is the matter? Safe at last we gather into the hero’s blue chariot… today we are in search of the sacred river Alph…

Today we took another day trip adventure to the Pulhapanzak waterfalls in Buena Ventura, Honduras. 12 gringos and 8 locals stuffed into a van built to haul 15… It’s not a job, it’s an adventure. Super Mario was at the helm along with his first mate Pablo Francisco navigating the winding roads. Passing thru the port of entry San Pedro then we headed south on a new super highway into the unknown. Many Kilometers pass and before you knew it, the bliss of smooth pavement abruptly ended and Mario began to weave violently as though he was playing a game of ‘wack a mole’ for the last ten miles… there on the horizon I saw the end of the rainbow, the pearly gates of our destination, the sacred river of bliss, Rio Alph.

The first adventure consisted of an ancient tradition of lassoing ones self to a cable and gliding across the river 11 times while releasing a primal scream to awaken the ancient spirits of the river so she would flow at maximum velocity. While most of the group participated in the custom, there was a remnant of sanity that remained on the ground to record the events and preserve some history just in case the river found their offerings unacceptable and swallowed them up…

We gathered at the last crossing below the falls and ventured off to the falls, or maybe a better way to describe it; to walk, climb and crawl thru the middle of the waterfall… We journeyed beyond the gates and trekked perilously along the rocky face of the gorge trying to avoid slipping on the rocks and plummeting in to the river 75 feet below us. We arrived at a basin pool just to the left of the waterfalls… the point of no return, jump into the pool or be left behind. The group’s bravery and enthusiasm over whelmed the guide… our willingness to continue journey and sacrifice ourselves with cannonballs splashes to acrobatic flips into the pool. From that point we joined hands and formed a human chain, closely watching out for our comrades so that all would reach a small shelter in the mountain side. The guide took half the group around the rocky face of the waterfalls; our only safety measures a piece of frayed cable to grip and pull youself along until you reached another small cave directly behind the falls… there we gathered and caught our breath and took in all the splendor as our heart pumped vigorously and our veins swollen with adrenaline… We transverse down to the shelter and the remaining people summited the waterfall cave while we watched the water flow uphill… That is not a typo. The updraft from the falls created such an event that defies the laws of nature, the water was flowing up the side of the cliff. Once everyone was safely back, we formed the human chain and returned to the pool with shouts of acclimation and joy. There many ventured up the mountain side donning war paint of mud stripes to the highest point (about 30 feet) and jumped into the pool!

Afterwards we traveled back to the compound and dined on some Americana food at Wendys in San Pedro Sula. The evening was spent laughing and watching GoPro videos recounting the day’s adventure and crowning Que Pasa MPV of the day. She is the oldest member of our team, yet she completed all of the adventures with a smile on her face the entire time. Tonight we rest for tomorrow we come down to reality and go out to serve the one true Lord and help the people of Honduras.

Marco Francisco




23 Mayo 2015

On The Road To Copan

The Ruination of the Twelve – At Jefe Mater’s request, 12 missionaries and 8 additional passengers set out on a road tour to the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Mayan Ruins of Copan. As with any comedy tour (Bob & Bing have nothing on us) we were packed tightly in a 14 seat van and travelled down the Honduran Autobahn for 2 ½ hours to reach our destination. Our Honduran handlers promised us a smooth, cloud-like ride on the much improved highway, but alas, while the road was smoother than town roads in and around Quimistand, it turned out to be a spine adjusting jolt where we all got to know each other a lot better. Stopping for a break was like watching the Shriner clowns emerge from an impossibly sized car in the center ring. Our tour guide Fidel was a fount of information and kept us entertained for more than two hours in the midday heat. He took time to reference the book of Ezekiel and the vision of that prophet concerning the ruins. He was a most gracious host and certainly demonstrated what 25 years of service to the site can produce.

The Feeding of the Herd – One highlight of the day was stopping in the town of Copan at Jim’s Pizza for a well-deserved break from the tour. Our intrepid leader tried to feed the gathering in a biblical fashion by ordering eight 10 inch pizzas and expecting the waitress to collect several trays of leftovers after the meal. Cooler heads prevailed (read minor uprising) and an additional 6 pizzas were placed in the ovens. Soft drinks and water was consumed in large quantities! Somehow, three young street children found us and convinced us to buy their small corn husk dolls and bead necklaces that they had made at home. They were too cute to refuse and we bought out their entire inventory. They happily joined us for lunch and thanked us with a stirring rendition of the Honduran National anthem and a spirited goodbye in their local dialect.

A Close Encounter of the Avian Kind- After lunch (and not receiving permission to nap on the tables), we headed to Macaw Mountain for a late afternoon encounter with the very colorful birds of Central America. This sanctuary rehabilitates macaws, parrots, owls, toucans, etc. and either returns them to the wild, if possible, or cares for them and keeps them on display to educate the visitors. At the end of the tour we were invited to strike a scarecrow-like pose and have the birds perch on our arms, shoulder, and head.

The Recap- The history of the Mayan’s 2,000 year reign, balancing a thousand years before and after Christ, was a testament to the ingenuity and perseverance of a group of highly developed engineers, artists, astronomers, and rulers who endeavored to pacify the gods they served by sacrificing their citizens into oblivion. The actual cause of their demise is still unknown. The fellowship of the missionary group, the outreach to the communities we serve and the message of grace transcends the language barrier and solidifies the Great Commission in the book of Matthew. We are the hands and feet of Christ until the final day of judgment.

Hodo, The Magical Musician



22 Mayo 2015

Nobody’s Hero

5:05am Denver time is late for me in the normal world… but as the birds of prey warmed up their vocal chords, I laid in complete silence chasing my thoughts while gazing through the window nigh to me; contemplating and praying about the task before the team today. I picked up my iPhone and began to listen to some music and the song “Nobody’s Hero” was playing. That is my inspiration for the blog, no Easter eggs today. I wanted to begin writing it while I was listening to the music and share some lyrics:

But he’s nobody’s hero… Saves a drowning child…. Cures a wasting disease… Hero…lands the crippled airplane…. Solves great mysteries… Hero…not the handsome actor Who plays a hero’s role…. Hero…not the glamour girl Who’d love to sell her soul…. If anybody’s buying Nobody’s hero…


I began to question what does a hero look like? Do you need to be famous or flamboyant? The lyrics of the song would suggest not. I do not consider myself a hero, yet I see many hero’s around me… those in the room next to me… those in the other sleeping quarters here… those who stop and take time to help someone without prejudice… Hero’s come in many sizes, shapes, ages, genders and colors… I will simply call them Nobody’s Hero, yet they are my hero!

Today we will divide into two separate armies of ants. One will trek into the lower Qumistand valley to a school, Luz de Valle or for those who need some help, Light of the Valley which was built by the Federation in 2008. They will do some renovation updates and much needed painting in one of the classroom. Larry and Que Pasa have accepted the challenge to report on this work. The remaining ants will travel in constant motion to the Tejeras community just outside of Qumistand to assist some local people and the pastor building bathroom facilities and pila for the church there, for which yours truly will report on the progress there.

The Tejeras project started off a bit slow this morning. After a visit to the local hardware store known as Lowes to us, Jefe Mater got the team going on screening in the windows while Daniela and Marco went shopping for lumber needed for a lintel over the door openings and some nails to secure it. We returned and found Karlos the block mason back on the job. He has missed a few days because of a new virus carried by mosquitos call (Chicacongoua) or as Senor Jefe Chris says, Chica Doodle…

Together we completed the block work for the bathroom and it will be ready to install the rafters and roof on Monday. Team Zilla, Nico, Wilbur, Rosie, Office Donnie and their leader Hunterzilla finished digging the latrine pit behind the bathroom to a final depth of 12 feet! While they were on break from digging, they put on their Village People hat and lead by none other than Hodo the six string magical musician stapling two layers of wire mesh to the window opening to help with bug control. One fine mesh for insects and a course layer to protect the first from small curious fingers.

The heat today was difficult for all of us because we have spent most of our time in the mountains this week, so the blast of humidity combined with seasonal temperatures was slightly on the un-bearable side. Relief came in the form a storm that blew into town around 3pm local time to cool us off. After the shower past, the children began to arrive to receive a meal prepared by our kitchen crew of Sandra and Gloria. The rest of the team arrived shortly after to help serve the children their food, to sing songs and play games until time for us to return to the compound and eat dinner.

As a side note, I want their recipe for Pico de Gallia, the world’s best salsa bar none! Tomorrow we will take a day trip to Copan and tour the Mayan Ruins, until then folks.

Marco Francisco

Senor Jefe Chris, Que Pasa, Madster and Larry along with Little Maynor, Big Maynor, and Pablo went to the Escuela Luz del Valle (Light of the Valley) to paint. The wonderful school children already accomplished much of the sanding. While painting we discovered that we had invaded the home of a gecko. He was a very large gecko and could send the Gieco gecko packing! The children and gecko now have a room that is a beautiful shade of light purple. While we enjoyed the relative “cool” of a building with ceiling fans, we often thought of the other part of our team working next to a hot highway.  The children were naturally curious of our work and we were surprised to find that they knew a few words of English. They were sent scrambling when our fearless crazy leader Chris acted like a loco monkey but they came back for more fun.

We went to join the other team at Tejeras, help with the feeding program……

Some people may wonder why we travel to a foreign country to paint, to build, to fix, to sweat, to spend long unpaid hours performing jobs that seem unrewarding…… but it is to be a blessing to others, to bring a physical comfort and the love of Jesus.

Larry and Que Pasa



21 Mayo 2015

Beneath Between Behind

Today we ventured back to the mountain community of Teo. With sure and certain hope we would complete the electrical project for the school and the footings for the picnic tables. It is a time that we can celebrate the gifts that we brought to this community, not necessarily the lighting system for the school or the construction of a picnic table, but the gifts that each one of the team members brings in their heart… along with the sharing of their gifts and talents.

Beneath the surface of our team is the agape love of Jesus Christ. That love is the very foundation of our team and our purpose for being here in Honduras. It is the motivation within each one that causes us to push a little harder, especially when we are tired and exhausted. Although I was busy trying to complete the task assigned to me, I was able to step back and watch the interaction between the gringos and the people of Teo…  I sensed a bond of love and kinship being formed between everyone. We tried our best to communicate with broken Spanish to the children even using sign language in an attempt to share the love that was set in our heart… to make a difference no matter how small… to share the true light which is found in Jesus. Today is also a time of sorrow as well. We know that when we leave this mountain community a small part of our heart will stay behind… Every road we travel and community that we visit, there we will deposit a small imprint of love, a love that we discovered many years ago for some… for others it is a refreshed spirit. None the less, our hope is that all have seen the torch bearers of Christ bring an infectious love that will bring forth the light of hope… to be shared for the generations to come well after we have exited stage left.

Marco Francisco


20 Mayo 2015

The Ruts Were Used

We made the same trip as yesterday… up the mountain we zigged… we zagged to the Federation outpost of Teo, with the sure and certain hope of finishing the projects for the community and school. The ruts less traveled yesterday were used today. The ride was thrilling as always! Being a nature lover, I loved looking at the flora and fauna, wishing I could stop and take pictures but if we did that we would never get to where we were going.

Senor Mater, Marco Francisco and Chris… worked on the light and electricity project for the school. Somewhere in between providing electricity for the classrooms, another project was taken on by Daniela and the band of Honduran translators and drivers. Their mission was to run a cable between the kitchen and the school so that lights could be installed there as well… How many people does it take to put two wires in a plastic pipe? I saw at least 15 shaking and beating on the pipe so the wire would travel thru it… Where was GoPro boy when you needed him? Once that was accomplished, it was buried between the buildings and tomorrow we will finish the installation. I believe that we could have completed the electrical project today, but with the additional work, we came up short on materials to finish one classroom.  I am proud of Senor Patronada Chris, he finally put in a full day’s work cutting in electrical boxes rather than barking orders while everyone ignored him… It was a good day for everyone in Teo, and tomorrow we will celebrate the lighting of the school!

Meanwhile Hodo and his hard working men from the YMCA pursued digging about 24 holes to China aka footers for the picnic table. While they were digging the holes they encountered more roots than the Jimmy Fallon Band. Never the less the footers are ready for mooking in the morning.

The girls, Que Pasa, Madster, and Larry, started the day by cutting wire and conduit to be installed in the classes. In between odd jobs throughout the day we played with the children. We are worn out from playing jump rope, climbing trees and playing chase. These kids are absolutely adorable with their bright smiles! One boy surprised us and took the jump rope and lassoed Madster, Willbur, Nico, Hunterzilla and Rosie and drug them around the school yard as the other children followed laughing and giggling.

Before lunch one of the children shimmied up the coconut tree and knocked out some coconuts. This is no small feat for the tree is about 25 feet tall. A young boy used a machete to cut an opening in the coconut about the size of a quarter for us to drink the milk. Once that was done they whacked them in half and we ate the pulp. Legend has it; from birth the boys are given a machete for their first toy and they learned to wield it with the accuracy of King Arthur and his famed sword Excalibur.

A day of hard work and fun was enjoyed by all. I have made some new friends and look forward to seeing them again next year.

Down the mountain we skated with all the fun our kidneys could stand from the rutted road… and the ruts will be conquered once again tomorrow. Back at the compound we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Sandra and Gloria, the café dealers who have a new addicted fan in me.





19 Mayo 2015

The Rut Less Traveled

As we awoke to a beautiful morning today, the birds say a glorious hymn of praise to the Creator while creating a harmonious alarm clock for us. Sandra and Gloria prepared a lite breakfast consisting of panqueques y mucha la fruita, (Pancakes and fruit)… I am glad it was lite because Pablo aka (Juan Pablo Montoya) cruised at a neck breaking pace, while sliding in, around and veering sharply to avoid the large ruts in the road, only to create new ones up the mountain! He must be a James Bond kinda guy, shaken not stirred. Fear not, I am living proof that we did arrived in one piece, although our mouths were parched and lungs filled with dust.

We pulled into the village and it seemed as if the entire community was awaiting our arrival. We unloaded the miles of wire and supplies needed to bring forth the light into the school there. Jefe Mater and Marco made a quick survey of the task at hand and with a piece of borrowed chalk we drew an electrical diagram on the back of the building and began the process of electrification. The first major rut to avoid was Mater stressing over perfectionism… He is the only Electrician that I know who carries a bottle of super glue… Why you may ask? I am glad you did. When he cuts in a panel the wires have to look perfect with all bends symmetrical and straight. If a wire will not cooperate, he will super glue them together to hold their shape…

A rain shower at mid-day cooled the air to a tolerable level and the local Patronada Juan Jose asked our group to take on another small task for the community and school. We were asked to construct a new picnic table in front of the school so that the children could have a large place to gather and eat their meals. The team divided into two separate sub-teams. Tom aka Hodo and his Village People assisted in digging the footings for the tables while others continued to pull conduit and wires for the lights. By the end of the day, much was accomplished on both projects; we were able to recharge the batteries for our drill from a receptacle installed in a classroom and the footings were dug and ready to be filled with mook. Tomorrow our goal is to present the gift light to the school and let our Patronada Senor Chris quote Genesis and say, “Let there be light.”

Juan Pablo gave a repeat performance coming down the mountain this evening, even bouncing Que Pasa’s head off of the roof of the van a couple of times as he jumped in some of the ruts less traveled. We arrived safely though slightly bruised to a warm meal prepared by Sandra and Gloria consisting of Pork chops, rice with all the trimmings, lest we forget the Jalapenos… Hasta Manana Amigos desde Honduras.

Marco Francisco


18 Mayo 2015

In the Beginning…

About 40 hours ago I awoke with a renewed and profound excitement in my heart… a joy that has not been present for several months. Tonight we gather as a team and caravan to the Asheville airport. We departed from Lakey’s aka Senor Jefe house at midnight to start our ominous trek back to my second home, Honduras.

Our team consisted of several veterans from foreign mission teams (Mater, Que Pasa, Madster, Hodo, the Driller Boyz Hunterzilla, Nico, Wilbur and Rosie, and your’s truly Marco Francisco) We have added a couple of rookies to our line-up this year (Lu Cooper aka Larry and Donnie Thorton aka Officer Donnie). Sadly though we are missing a couple of veterans from years past (B-Rad aka The Blogmaster and Laurie aka 16 Lamas), we miss your presence and hope that you can rejoin us in the near future.

After a short jump down the Appalachian mountains we arrived in Atlanta where we stumbled thru the terminal like a cast of extras from the Walking Dead… After a 4 hour layover we boarded Delta flight 575 bound for San Pedro Sula. I felt good as I passed through immigration without a hitch and carried on the entire conversation in Spanish with the officer. The only hick-up was Officer Donnie’s tub was scrutinized like a NASCAR engine during a post-race inspection… I suppose they have never seen the mask that Darth Vader wore in real life… It was in truth Officer Donnie’s C-Pap machine.

After we picked up the pieces of Officer D’s suitcase and got him calmed down from the visit to the darkroom, we were welcomed by our old friends Daniela, Maynor, and Super Mario to take us to Villa Celia de Fina aka The Federation Compound in Qumistand .

We spent the afternoon looking at different projects including repainting a room at “The Light of the Valley School” and the bathroom/pila project at Tejerias Church… Feliz, Feliz mas mook! Afterward we took a tour of the work that has been completed at Tranquilidad with Sam and Roxanna.

Through the fatigue and smelly clothes I dedicate all my Blog post to my friend and brother in Christ, Blogmaster B-Rad.


day 6 (Thursday)


Today was spent at Los pinales helping with the construction of the new kindergarten.  The team dug trenches for the foundation and tying rebar!  Girls CAN do it!!  In the late afternoon we returned and met up with Sam and Roxanne to get a tour of tranquilidad!  It is a BEAUTIFUL place they are building!  We ended the evening with fried chicken and fries at the soccer stadium :D. Of course followed by soccer game!  Our old friend from Honduras came to play with the kids -they had a ball!!